Searching for ideal LED solutions

Vibrant hotspots like Piccadilly Circus or Times Square, shopping malls, concerts or car shows: could you imagine any of these places or venues without large LED walls? But who makes these LED walls? The answer brings us to Barco’s LED R&D department. Greet Adams, one of three women in this department, feels right in her element. “Each day is different. It’s the variation that makes my work so fascinating.”

The innovative solutions that Greet and her colleagues develop allow Barco to maintain its strong position in the highly competitive LED market. “Together with the electronic, optical, software and other mechanical engineers in our team, we continue to improve our products and product line.”

“We develop LED displays and tiles with increasingly higher resolution, and our panels are thinner, weigh less, and are more energy efficient than before. Clients are becoming more demanding each day, so we need to develop more and more innovative solutions,” Greet explains. “I love a good challenge. For example, we  have to make sure that the panels are perfectly aligned, without any seams. It really comes down to a tenth of a millimeter.”

Shared responsibilities

“To meet these high expectations, you simply have to have an open and critical mind,” Greet says. “I’m a perfectionist by nature, and it’s great to see that Barco values this. Design Engineers have to question everything in order to find the ideal solution that meets the needs of clients.”

Greet loves the positive team spirit at the R&D department. “We get a lot of responsibilities, but we’re never on our own. When a problem arises, all team  members join forces to tackle the issue. Moreover, one of Barco’s strong points is its after-sales service. When a customer contacts us, each one of us will jump in and lend a hand.”

Great variety

After eight years in this versatile position at Barco, Greet is still fascinated by her job. “I design all sorts of mechanical components, like housings for power components or structures for the LED panels. To achieve the best results, I consider many different manufacturing techniques, such as injection molding or extrusion of several materials. Throughout the design process, we have to take the weight, precision, water tightness for outdoor products, safety and of course the cost into account.

We order prototypes, which we largely get to test ourselves. We check to see that they’re easy to mount or assemble, both in production and for the end customer. This way, our colleagues in the Assembly department won’t get any unpleasant surprises while assembling the final product,” Greet adds.

“We then modify and improve the prototype until we have a final product meeting product management requirements. We search for solutions online, are active in the workshop, conduct theoretical research into materials,  perform several tests … .”

That’s not all Greet likes about her job. She also loves the social aspect of it. “We always consult one another, in all we do, whether internally within our team or externally with suppliers or clients.”

An atmosphere of trust

“I had been working at the purchasing department with my previous employer for a number of years,” Greet continues. “What convinced me to take this job at Barco is the fact that it would allow me to design again. I was also really interested in the Barco solutions. All this, as well as the atmosphere among our colleagues, is why I love working here.”

“Barco is a flexible employer,” she emphasizes. “It’s never a problem when you need to take a day off or you have a doctor’s appointment. Of course, being flexible works both ways. I don’t mind doing overtime in order to meet a deadline. Barco is open to talk about anything, and I appreciate that. To me, it proves that there is not only mutual trust and respect among colleagues, but also that our company trusts us, and that feels great.”