Taking innovation on the road

According to Hagen, being a Business Development Representative at Barco is a dream job come true. Hagen introduces Barco’s healthcare solutions to hospitals across the Benelux. “Of course, every salesperson claims their product is the best and the most innovative, but in my case, it’s actually true! This motivates me to turn each hospital visit into a success.”

“It is my job to explain exactly why our products are considered groundbreaking, and what they could mean to hospitals and their patients. Innovation is an inherent part of our DNA at Barco. We are often the first one to launch a new type of display,” says Hagen.

“Look at our revolutionary Coronis Uniti­™ display, for instance. It allows  radiologists to use one single display to view mammography images and PACS images. The high-resolution display provides crisp, clear images as well as ergonomic benefits, making more accurate diagnosis possible, and providing anxious patients with an answer much sooner. Whenever I present Coronis Uniti™ to a client, they’re impressed.”

The customer is king

“As a Business Development Representative, I am the first point of contact at Barco for all hospitals. Naturally, this means I focus heavily on customer satisfaction. At the same time, I do realize that successful projects are not the result of my efforts alone – they are a team effort. The success of a demo depends on the team who verified and inspected the device. And on the colleague who arranged the meeting with the client but was unable to go there himself.”

Trust in employees

Hagen exchanged his job in the office as a Service Coordinator for a job on the road. “I needed a new challenge after four years in the same role. At Barco, they encourage internal mobility, and they fully supported me in my decision. To me, this really demonstrates how much trust they have in their employees. I have not regretted this job rotation for a second.”

“What I love so much about my new job is the variation it brings. I spend 80% of my time at the clients’. Each day is different, and every new client brings a new challenge. A big part of my job is knowing how to approach certain people. Equally important is being able to explain in a clear and fascinating manner how our solutions are exactly what the hospital needs.”

“My experience in customer service has definitely proven its value in my current position,” Hagen adds. “I have maintained a wide network of contacts. I used to work with several different departments within Barco, such as Sales, Traffic, Production and Repairs, and I know I can always rely on those internal contacts as well.”

A job that energizes

“Winning a project I worked so hard for, that’s what it’s about to me. Being able to convince a hospital we couldn’t get a footing with, and to see them change their mind and choose us, choose Barco products, or being able to draw them away from the competition – that makes me feel energized.”

“I love building long-term relationships with the hospitals I visit. These contacts enrich my work and make me feel confident. On top of that, my job will always fascinate me, as new changes in the market and in our products arise all the time.”

Products to be proud of

After completing his studies, Hagen took on a temporary position at Barco as Assistant Service Coordinator, allowing him to get a taste of corporate life. “My profile is rather unusual,” says Hagen. “I earned a degree in linguistics, but I graduated high school in electromechanics. This means I can easily relate to both the technical side and the communication side of my current job. I was eager to get a permanent position at Barco as I knew their reputation and I felt they had many opportunities to offer me.”

Hagen explains: “Barco is an international company with strong products and a warm atmosphere. Not only do our products offer advanced technologies, they are also solidly built and reliable. It’s obvious when I visit our clients: some of these hospitals have been using our displays intensively for more than eight years and the displays are still going strong. It makes me proud to be working for Barco.”