Making sure the puzzle fits

Ever wondered at the movie theater how those projectors work? Each and every part of them, from the largest lamp to the smallest screw, appears on Joyce’s assembly line at Barco’s production plant. As Head of Assembly, she is responsible for making sure that everything runs smoothly.   

Joyce and her team have first-hand experience with Barco’s innovative products. “We’re always excited to find out how these products perform on the market,” says Joyce. The award-winning laser-illuminated projector, for instance, is energy efficient and delivers previously unseen crispness and full-clarity 3D­ images. A true revolution in the cinema world, assembled under the supervision of Joyce.

Trusting each other

“We always work as a team, and we need to be able to trust each other. I really believe that’s crucial,” adds Joyce. “Working at the assembly lines together means you need to be able to rely on one another, on the person before you and the person after you. It is essential for us to communicate clearly and correctly. If someone is struggling with something, we all need to chip in. That’s so important.”

Joyce makes sure that everyone receives the recognition and support they deserve. “If I believe someone deserves to be complimented, or if someone is struggling a bit, then I send them a card. It’s a small gesture, but it makes a big difference to people. I care about my colleagues, and I know that the company cares as well.”

Every link matters

The combination of people management and coordinating the logistics chain is what Joyce loves the most about her job as Head of Assembly. “Each day brings new challenges, and together, we all make sure that the puzzle fits.”

“We draw up a plan each day,” she explains. “I’m responsible for organizing everything in such a way that we can complete the required number of projectors by 17h each day. In the first place, this means making sure that I allocate enough people to the task. I also know how much time each step takes in the assembly line, and how many units are required. I have to make sure it all works out. When things are a bit quiet, I ask colleagues to go and assist others. I have to decide whether the entire assembly needs to be manned, or whether we will be working at 50% of our capacity that day.”

It’s also crucial that all parts arrive in time. “We work with several different suppliers. One part may be supplied by the Sub-Assembly department, while another needs to be fetched from the warehouse or needs to be inspected first. I monitor possible shortages on a daily basis. If we don’t have all the parts we need, then we can’t build our projectors. When I think certain parts won’t get to us in time, I take a proactive approach and inquire about them. It’s a bit of a juggle sometimes, but that’s what I like about this job.”

Opportunities for growth

After working at the repair department as a temporary worker in 2008, Joyce was hired by Barco as a permanent employee. She started taking on more duties and responsibilities as time went by. “Our Head of Assembly was working part-time back then. After some time, I noticed I was taking on her duties every Friday, without being asked. I think I just had it in me.”

Her efforts did not go unnoticed. Her sense of responsibility and the fact that she’s a people person made Joyce a perfect candidate for the position of Head of Assembly. “In 2013, my supervisor told me he was looking for someone, and he suggested I put myself forward for this position. I didn’t hesitate for a moment. I  have been Head of Assembly since January 2014, and this job suits me perfectly.”

Improving together

“We believe that innovation is about more than just our products. Everyone’s contribution is valuable. At Barco, we are encouraged to make suggestions for improvements in work processes and instructions. If one of my colleagues points out that something is not quite the way it should be, then we look into it together and try to find a solution together. I believe this is very important. It prevents us from stagnating, and it encourages each one of us to think of innovative solutions, at every level,” Joyce concludes.