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Bringing images to life

LED by Barco: for unforgettable visual experiences

The content on your LED walls should always look picture perfect. For those moments that matter. 

The key benefits

A stunning image is only as good as the technology it runs on


Enjoy full flexibility

Let your imagination run wild. With Barco LED, it’s child’s play to create and display new content whenever you feel like it – you’ll match any standard resolution.

The set-up? It’s all possible: small or big. Or really big. Flat or curved. It’s really up to you.


Swift setup & maintenance

Installation of a Barco LED video wall is a breeze with the fast and intuitive InfinipixTM user interface, which can be implemented in your existing monitoring and control solutions.

Need to replace a module? It’ll be done in under 2 minutes thanks to the magnetic Assisted Module Extraction. Moreover, the tiles are fully accessible from front and back. Which means you’ll also reduce the risk of pixel damage.


A seamless canvas

“LED tiles? But what about seams?” We anticipated that question. Our answer: camera-supported seam correction technology combined with mechanical adjustment. This way, you’ll easily align each tile for a stunning, seamless canvas.


Trust in Barco

Good partnerships are about having each other’s backs. Which is a good reason to team up with Barco in the first place. Because not only do we offer you integrated LED solutions, we also offer you integrated support. Like certified training and an eSupport helpdesk.

Need even more peace of mind? Then sign up for a 3 to 10 years EssentialCare service contract with priority support and batch compatible replacements. In those rare cases something does go wrong, it’ll be repaired before you know it.


A pioneer player in LED technology


Pixel Pitch

What’s the best pixel pitch for you?

For starters, it is key to find the optimal viewing distance (OVD) for your videowall. When looking closely at an LED module you can see the different pixels as clearly defined blocks. Taking a step back, the outlines of these blocks will start to blur and scatter. The OVD of your display is the distance from which you can no longer distinguish the individual pixels but start to see a uniform reproduction of the content instead.

The animation below shows the recommended distance for the most used pixel pitch options.

"We've worked with many LED manufacturers who simply sell LED tiles. Barco, however, is dedicated to selling solutions with complete display uniformity, presales systems engineering, project management services and a class-leading EssentialCare warranty program that removes the risk and complexity of LED."

Barco video wall configurator

Configure and evaluate

Selecting the right video wall for your needs is sometimes a tedious task. That is why Barco wants to make it as easy for you as possible.

Our new video wall configurator helps you in selecting the video wall that best suits your needs, not only in size but also in technology.

Start configuring

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