Diagnose better. Treat sooner.

Image quality and consistency are paramount to achieving a confident diagnosis, and ultimately, a successful course of treatment. Barco technologies that go beyond pixels and lumens enhance even the subtlest details to aid in precise detection at the earliest possible stage.

With their unparalleled image quality, inventive productivity features, and commitment to ergonomics, Barco mammography displays tackle some of the most critical challenges in modern radiology: increasing image volumes, growing complexity, and ergonomic stress. That's why over 80% of all breast screening centers worldwide select Barco mammography display systems.

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Mammography displays

Mammography displays

Barco's 5MP display systems for digital breast imaging offer unrivaled image precision and ultimate diagnostic confidence. With ...

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Medical calibration and QA software

Medical calibration and QA software

Online service for medical calibration and high-grade Quality Assurance on PACS workstations and mobile devices.

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Barco intuitive workflow tools for medical displays

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Radiologists, feast your eyes on this!

These intuitive workflow tools unveil subtle image details and accelerate workflow.

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