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Efficient monitoring, total control

With traffic becoming denser and security threats ever increasing, the only way to avoid chaos is good data gathering, monitoring, and planning. This makes surveillance centers not only more important, but also more complex. The results are higher demands on every aspect of the visualization systems, from displays to software.

Everything to allow a fast reaction

Barco rear-projection video wall modules, high-quality displays, controllers and video wall management software, visually present real-time signals coming from highway sensors, vehicle GPS systems, CCTV cameras and other intelligent systems to the operators. This allows them to quickly dispatch emergency-response vehicles, anticipate traffic delays and divert traffic to alternate routes more efficiently. Barco technology also allows all stakeholders in the crisis communication chain to enhance collaboration across echelons and agencies.  

Networked visualization

What's more, Barco’s networked visualization solution allows the flexible distribution of a virtually unlimited number of video and data sources - not only within the facility but worldwide using the existing TCP/IP network. Open wall management software guarantees seamless integration with today's leading monitoring solutions.

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