Oct 27, 2010

“Lights of Liberty” show unveiled in Historic Philadelphia, USA

stereoscopic 3D

1 min read

Visitors of a new attraction in historic Philadelphia can travel back in time with the country’s founding fathers to learn about US history in a new exhibit “Lights of Liberty,” which opened last month in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. Created and designed by The David Niles Group, the show is the world’s first stereoscopic 3D, 360-degree visitor attraction to offer a fully immersive entertainment venue. Eight Barco high-end simulation Galaxy NW-12 projectors are used to project a seamless, edge-blended single image more than 150-feet wide with a resolution of 9.5 million pixels. When combined with special 3D glasses, viewers perceive an accurate 360-degree effect which simulates images coming at, around and behind them for a remarkably realistic experience.

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