Oct 04, 2012

ClickShare scales Barco’s high-end collaboration technology for meeting rooms

Control Room 1 min read last updated on: Jan 16, 2017

Barco’s reputation in large-scale video wall collaboration is well-founded in the oil and gas, automotive and product design industries where users rely on these solutions to speed decision-making for high-end applications. Many of these same customers asked Barco to provide a scaled-down version to facilitate idea-sharing in smaller meeting rooms. Barco responded with “ClickShare,” a one-click meeting room tool that accomplishes this and more at an affordable price/performance ratio.

In the September issue of AV Technology, Yoav Nir, Barco’s business development manager, explains the strategy behind ClickShare and how companies, universities, and government agencies can improve meeting efficiency and foster collaboration among users.  To view the complete article, click here

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