Dec 18, 2013

Setting the tone in big data visualization since 2005

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Big data - and analytics - have been among the most-hyped IT themes, in 2013, and will undoubtedly grow in importance in the coming year 2014. At the department of Computer and Information Science of the University of Konstanz (southern Germany), the analysis and visualization of big data has been a research focus for many years. Barco’s Powerwall, installed in 2005, has now been replaced by a brand-new Barco wall that greatly helps turn today’s information overload into an opportunity.


Most advanced and largest
For over eight years now, the Computer and Information Science department at the University of Konstanz has been developing techniques for interactive mass data analysis applied to very large multidimensional and geographic datasets. In May 2005 already, the department put into operation a ‘Powerwall’ to help them in their research. Offering a massive display area of 5.20m x 2.15m, Barco’s rear-projection video wall, featuring eight SIM projectors, was one of the most advanced and largest projection display systems in Europe.

3D capabilities
Of course, technology changes at dazzling speed. After eight years of using the first Barco system, the University of Konstanz realized it needed a new solution that would support 3D capabilities. Outstanding brightness, user-friendliness, future-proofness and low TCO were key selection criteria. Barco was the only player in the market who could meet the specifications with a highly customized solution.

The ideal solution
Today, university researchers, students as well as companies explore and visualize their datasets with the help of two Barco Galaxy 4K-12 projectors whose output is blended together to create a seamless picture. “The 3D capabilities are fantastic, the new system is much brighter, and it is much easier to use. On top of that, maintenance is low,” said researcher Milos Krstajić.

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