Mar 24, 2014

Proud to present our 4K laser-illuminated projector at CinemaCon

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We are very proud to introduce our first commercially available 6P laser-illuminated projector at CinemaCon 2014. This laser projector is not only the most compact 60,000-lumen projector available, it is also the first laser projector that is capable of showing 4K content at 60 fps and 3D movies in full 4K resolution. We will be installing our first 4K commercial laser projectors in the US and China during Q2 and throughout the rest of the world in Q4 2014.

The most compact 60,000-lumen projector

“We were the first to demo a high-brightness laser projector in January 2011 and again at the Moody Gardens Digital Cinema Symposium in January 2012. Since then, we have been pushing the envelope to perfect our laser projection technology and build a fully integrated solution,” comments Todd Hoddick, VP Digital Cinema at Barco. “As image quality remains a key differentiator for the cinema experience, this is at the top of our priority list when developing new technologies. Our laser projector is the most compact 60,000-lumen projector on the market and will set a new standard for image quality in the cinema industry.”

Dolby® 3D and Barco Laser3D
The Barco laser projection demo at CinemaCon will showcase a giant leap forward for cinema, captivating audiences with unparalleled image quality. “Delivering an outstanding 14 fL brightness level in 3D, nearly no crosstalk, exceptional image quality and color performance, we believe laser projectors – paired with the Dolby 3D color separation system - will wow audiences with a 3D experience like they’ve never seen before,” commented Doug Darrow, Senior Vice President, Cinema, Dolby Laboratories. “The combination of the Dolby 3D color separation technology and custom-designed Dolby 3D glasses matches the six primary laser light wavelengths of the Barco Laser3D system to enable a truly immersive viewing experience.”

10 things you'll love about Barco's laser-illuminated projector

  1. A new image standard
    By showing stunningly bright and uniform images in crisp detail – and with exceptionally rich colors and eye-popping contrast – the Barco laser projector boosts image quality, radically improving the 3D experience to make it truly astonishing.
  2. Forget speckle
    Barco’s proprietary technology minimizes image speckle – so, crisp images are guaranteed at all times, even on silver screens!
  3. No vibrating screens required
    Yes, that’s right! Thanks to our unique de-speckling technology, no extra investments in screen-vibrating systems are required to get the image right.
  4. Razor-sharp 4K content at 60 fps
    The Barco laser projector is the world’s first laser projector capable of showing 4K content at 60 fps and 3D movies in 4K at these brightness levels.
  5. Fully integrated
    Designed from the ground up, the Barco laser projector features a fully integrated system architecture with unified laser light sources that are housed within the projector.
  6. Bringing 2D light levels to 3D
    With a spectacular light output of up to 60,000 lumens, the Barco laser projector enables images to be shown just the way they were pictured by the moviemaker, for truly satisfactory 3D screenings.
  7. Premium 3D experience with Barco Laser3D
    Thanks to its integrated color 3D system, with 6-Primary (6P) color laser modules, the Barco Laser3D system maximizes 3D efficiency from a single projector, delivering constant and uniform images in excellent contrast, without lamp flicker.
  8. Low Total Cost of Ownership
    Thanks to the projector’s superior level of optical efficiency, Barco has been able to drive brightness and light levels up, while driving the total cost of ownership down. With solid-state laser technology, you no longer need to replace lamps, and they will no longer explode.
  9. 30 years of 3D expertise
    With over 30 years of expertise in 3D, Barco knows how to entice moviegoers into the cinema for dazzling 3D adventures they will love to live again.
  10. From the digital cinema pioneer and innovator
    Guinness World Record holder for the brightest digital cinema projector, and market share leader in digital cinema projection, Barco has been breaking ground in the cinema industry for many years with numerous industry firsts.

See it to believe it at CinemaCon
To explore all the ways Barco is elevating the magic of the cinema experience, visit the Barco booth (#2313A) at the CinemaCon trade show in Caesars Palace Las Vegas. As part of the CinemaBarco experience, Barco will be demonstrating its laser-illuminated projector showing 4K content at 60 fps and 3D content at 48 fps during multiple sessions from Tuesday 25 March through Thursday 27 March at the Cinemark Century 16 South Point and XD theater in Las Vegas.

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