Apr 29, 2014

New large-screen 4K medical display for real-time imaging in the operating room

Medical Imaging & workflows 1 min read last updated on: Jun 15, 2022

It's here: Barco's 58-inch surgical display designed for 4K imaging in hybrid operating rooms and interventional suites. The new MDSC-8258 is equipped with a high-bright, low-power LED backlight and delivers 8 MegaPixels of accurate DICOM-compliant images on a single screen.

The MDSC-8258 replaces Barco’s MDSC-8156 to offer a larger screen size (58”), higher brightness (700 cd/m²), and a greatly improved contrast ratio (4000:1). It provides surgeons and clinical staff with accurate, artifact-free medical images – including interventional x-ray, endoscopic video, patient monitoring, surgery information, and patient data – that allow for better, more informed decisions for efficient procedures.

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