Oct 09, 2014

ClickShare wins Good Design Award in Japan

Lobby and Experience Centers 1 min read last updated on: Nov 26, 2019

Every year, the Japan Institute of Design promotion honors consumer products that offer added value to everyday life through outstanding design. The innovative idea behind Barco’s wireless collaboration and presentation system ClickShare proved a perfect match and earned Barco the much-coveted G Mark.

Fostering innovative design

Since its inception in 1957, the Good Design Award has been awarded to over 40,000 products for their exceptional design. The award, the ‘G Mark’, serves as a widely recognized trademark. Besides offering guidance to consumers, its goal is to foster innovative product design among designers and manufacturers.


The Institute of Design Promotion receives approximately 3,000 submissions per year, from more than 1,000 different companies around the world. And this year, Barco’s ClickShare was among the well-deserved winners.

Industry-wide recognition

Jan Willem Brands, VP Collaboration Division at Barco, comments: “This award acknowledges the effort Barco put in the development of ClickShare. The intuitive product design has played a key role in bringing a whole new dynamic into meeting-room culture around the world.”

Toshikazu Murakami, Marketing Manager at Barco Japan, underlines the importance of the G Mark in the Japanese context: “The Good Design Award was initially installed in the wake of the Pacific War, with the aim to promote products that offer clear added value to everyday life. The G Mark has become a reliable point of reference for Japanese consumers. Naturally, we are very proud to be granted this privilege.”

More information on the ClickShare CSM-1 can be found on the Good Design Award website


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