Dec 04, 2014

Barco DP4K-60L: the world’s first integrated RGB Laser Cinema projector to achieve DCI CTP-1.2 level compliance

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We are pleased to announce that Barco’s new DP4K-60L is the world’s first integrated RGB laser-illuminated projector that fully complies with the new DCI testing level (CTP-1.2) – confirmed by tests administered by the Aegisolve Cyber Security Laboratories.

Compliant with all requirements
Barco’s laser projector complies with all the general DCI projector specifications, while exceeding most of them – for example color, contrast and color and brightness uniformity – and provides consistent image brightness and quality over the long term with virtually no roll-off over the life of the projector. Compliance with the latest CTP-1.2 DCI specifications guarantees exhibitors that their Barco DP4K-60L laser projector will also meet the stringent requirements for content security.

Barco Alchemy - Integrated Cinema Media Processor (ICMP) module
All DP4K-60L laser projectors ship with the new Barco Alchemy ICMP, an intelligent content module that integrates media server functions with the projector’s cinema processing electronics, security and storage in a single module. This not only guarantees greater simplicity and future-proofing, it also enables full 4K 2D content to be shown at 60fps and Barco Laser3D movies in full 4K resolution.

Barco’s global laser roll-out
Barco’s 4K 6P laser-illuminated projectors have been shipping to leading exhibitors around the world – such as JinYi in China, Kinepolis in Europe, Santikos in the US and Cinépolis in Mexico. Passing the latest DCI CTP 1.2 compliance testing, is further evidence that Barco is not only the market share leader in Digital Cinema, but the market share leader for premium laser-illuminated cinema projectors as well. 

Learn more about Laser Cinema at CineAsia 2014
Our ‘laser guy’ Bill Beck will discuss Barco’s Cinema-optimized, laser-illuminated projection at the CineAsia University (trade show floor) on Wednesday 10 December at 15:30 pm. Do not miss out!

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