Apr 02, 2015

Promoting technology and innovation, by supporting Formula Electric Belgium

Corporate Social Responsibility

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Design, build and drive 
Formula Electric Belgium brings together engineering students from two different universities who share a common goal: to design, build and drive an electric Formula Student race car. Since October 2014, the team has been busy designing the Umicore Luna. Now it’s time for the production phase so that, this summer, the team can participate in several international racing events of the Formula Student competition.

The enthusiasm, technical and social skills of every participating engineering student are key to making this project a success. As is the support of the industrial partners who were involved during the design phase and were determined to incorporate their latest technological advances in the car.

Foster innovation and support education 
Barco was glad to contribute to the project by donating an LCD display, for the students to share videos and photos on. After all, initiatives like this help promote engineering technology and science, as well as innovation. Which perfectly fits the vision of our Barco Foundation. As stated in our brand-new 2014 annual report, the Barco Foundation seeks to increasingly dedicate – financial and other – resources to nurture innovation and support education, in the coming years. 

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