Apr 15, 2015

On the road to CinemaCon: episode 1

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Bill Beck - the Barco laser guy - is on his way to CinemaCon 2015. Every day, he'll share with you insights and thoughts on laser projection. Join us on his journey and discover how laser projection is the biggest thing cinema has seen since the start of digitization. CinemaCon 2015 will go down in history as 'the laser year'!

I’m packing my luggage to go to CinemaCon 2015 and I want to invite you to follow my journey in the coming days. Each year, this show is the highlight for the global cinema industry. And the 2015 edition won't be an exception. The only question is: “What will be the buzz of the show?” My bet: laser!

Barco Laser Solutions: bigger, better, and brighter... on all cinema screens

Barco Laser Solutions provide the foundation for unsurpassed theatrical exhibition, applying transformational solid-state projection technology to our passion for Cinema. Barco’s comprehensive approach to laser illumination supports our two fundamental commitments to the industry: to provide the premium experience to the movie-going public and to supply our exhibitor partners with a flexible, simple, efficient and cost effective, next-generation platform for all kinds of Cinema – large and small; 2D and 3D; Hollywood and alternative content. Barco’s long-term corporate commitment to ever-advancing technology, underpins all our new laser projector designs - each with the right mix of features and benefits for its intended application. No matter the screen size, Barco Laser Solutions provide a bigger, better and brighter experience.

Barco Laser Solutions address the opportunities and challenges facing our industry by providing:

The premium projection platform for all screens sizes and applications
  • An emotionally engaging, movie-going experience 
  • Premium image quality for every movie on every screen, every day 
  • Dazzling laser color - saturation, contrast and sharpness
  • High brightness, high stereo contrast Barco Laser3D
Industry and circuit-wide application flexibility
  • Global solutions for all screen sizes and types 
  • Alchemy ICMP support of all current and anticipated content formats
  • Barco Laser3D supports all major technologies
  • Efficient, integrated, 6 primary 3D requires no additional hardware
  • 100-30% output adjustment, via software controls or “color-locked” presets

'Low-touch' operational simplicity

  • Straightforward, single projector set-up, integration and operation
  • No lamp changes, stocking or warranty administration
  • Minimal and simplified maintenance
  • Rapid 3D/2D switching and adjustment via macros and remote management
Dramatically Lower Operating Costs
  • Light source designed for 30,000+ hours at maximum brightness
  • Eliminates all lamp and lamp-related recurring expenses
  • Cuts all lamp-related labor, maintenance, stocking and disposal
  • Cuts power consumption by 40% or more on comparable lumen basis

All Barco Laser Solutions come with another layer of customer support choices: consulting, finance and lease options; rapid installation and turn-up; maintenance agreements, NOC services and the proven long-term commitment from a trusted industry partner.

Why Barco Laser Solutions?

  • The best experience for every cinema screen
  • Most cost-effective premium laser projection solutions
  • Technology leadership – now and into the future
  • Safety and simplicity rule
  • Attractive corporate partnership solutions

Join me for another day on the road as I continue my journey to CinemaCon 2015 tomorrow. In tomorrow's post I will talk about differentiating the cinema experience with laser projection. If you want to meet up in person at the show - feel free to contact me at: bill.beck@barco.com.

Greetings from on the road!

Bill Beck, the laser guy

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