Apr 20, 2015

Discover the full fleet of Barco laser cinema projectors

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We're proud to present our full range of laser cinema projectors, consisting of four models. The DP4K-60L, DP4K-45L, DP4K-30L, and DP4K-22L generate stunning brightness levels up to 56,000 lumens and bring superior image quality to every movie theater.

The Barco laser projectors

  • Deliver exceptional image quality with outstanding 2D & 3D brightness, contrast, and superior color performance
  • Provide you with the right projector choice for each and every auditorium, no matter the size, 3D system or screen type
  • Simplify your operations, and
  • Reduce your operating expenses

We recently published four dedicated blog posts on above topics. You can read them here:

Meet the family

DP4K-60L DP4K-45L DP4K-30L DP4K-22L
 DP4K-60L laser-illuminated projector  DP4K-60L laser-illuminated projector  DP4K-30L laser-illuminated cinema projector  DP4K-30L laser-illuminated cinema projector
Up to 56,000 lumens Up to 44,000 lumens  Up to 28,000 lumens  Up to 22,000 lumens 
Up to 30m (98ft) screens Up to 26m (85ft) screens Up to 21m (68ft) screens  Up to 18m (59ft) screens 
6P laser 6P laser 6P laser 6P laser
4K resolution 4K resolution 4K resolution 4K resolution
2,500:1 contrast 2,500:1 contrast 2,500:1 contrast 2,500:1 contrast
 Find out more  Find out more  Find out more  Find out more

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Financed by BarcoCapital

Barco Capital

Barco CapitalTM opens up new ways to finance your equipment upgrade or investment in the latest technology. 

Every package offered through Barco Capital includes the projector system, lens, standard warranty and extended warranty. 

Learn all about the possibilities with BarcoCapital here.

Meet the laser guy

Did you know there's someone with the job title of 'the laser guy' at Barco? This is Bill Beck.

Keen to learn more about Barco's laser technology? Watch the video interview with our laser guy:

Meet CinemaBarco

The Barco laser projectors form the fundamental component of the CinemaBarco experience in auditoriums. CinemaBarco is a complete cinema experience featuring unmatched sight and sound technology designed to re-ignite the magic of the movies. Barco offers unprecedented solutions and economics to the cinema industry, focused on delivering compelling experiences for cinema audiences that also generate additional revenue for our exhibition partners.

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