May 12, 2015

Interactive collaboration in large meeting and training rooms

Corporate and lobby

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For many companies, knowledge is their most important asset. And in order to nurture this knowledge, you need the right tools to share it. Barco's collaboration offering lets employees work smarter together. With its new interactive collaboration platform for meeting and training rooms, it lets companies share their knowledge in the simplest and smartest way possible.

Interactive collaboration made easy
Barco's interactive collaboration platform for meeting and training rooms allows users to enrich the meeting with content from any digital device – not only laptops, smartphones and tablets, but also document cameras, networked sources, IP cameras, and more. The meeting participants have total freedom over what and how to share, making meetings ever more collaborative and engaging.

The platform’s power not only lies in the range of devices supported – it also facilitates structuring in the collaboration mix. With an easy-to-use touch-screen interface, a moderator selects which content is shown on the large screen. This is especially useful in large meeting rooms or training rooms, where a lot of people want to share their views at the same time. Moreover, the touch-screen interface can also be used to select the layout of one or two central screen(s). This allows the moderator to highlight certain content windows by making them larger than the others. The system’s intelligence proposes layouts to make sure the screen’s pixel estate is used optimally. 

A modular and future-proof platform
Barco’s networked collaboration solution for meeting and training rooms is composed as a modular system. This means additional equipment and technology can be added at any time, making it an extremely future-proof system. At the heart of the system is Barco’s new NRC-200 networked room compositor. This device receives all input sources (up to 8), does the necessary processing, and can drive two screens of up to UHD (4k) resolution. Both screens are controlled by a user interface on a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) touch-enabled PC and can show completely independent content. Moreover, the solution consists of a ClickShare CSC system to connect laptops, tablets and smartphones. Optionally, AV-to-IP encoders can be added to connect non-networked sources.

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