Jun 05, 2015

About the impact of Barco products on our planet #BarcoGreen


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Supplier sustainability program

As we want our suppliers to work just as eco-friendly as we do, we introduced the `Supplier Sustainability Program’. It helps train suppliers on environmental compliance and encourages them to share environmental information within the supply chain and comply with the EICC code of conduct on sustainability. All our approved suppliers have signed the program in the meantime! In addition, we ask them to avoid or reduce hazardous substances, as well as minerals from conflict areas, in the products they deliver to Barco….

Design for the Environment

A few years ago, Barco launched its ‘Design for the Environment Program’. It focuses on three main pillars: reducing the toxicity of our products, enhancing the amount of recyclable parts and making our solutions more energy-efficient. We’re proud to say we are making good progress in all three areas. The Coronis 6 MP LED diagnostic display system, for example, which we launched in December 2014, was truly designed in line with our ‘Design for the Environment Program’: it does not contain any mercury nor PVC parts, it’s easy to disassemble and recycle and it consumes far less energy than our earlier Coronis displays.

Consuming less energy

In fact, all Barco displays have become considerably more energy-efficient over the past few years. Our Coronis Fusion display and Nio displays consume 50% and 75% less energy, respectively, in standby and off-mode, while the energy consumption of our clinical review displays has dropped by 51% in on-mode.

Let us hear from you!

Viviana and her team, which we mentioned in our previous post, are working hard to continually improve our sustainability performance. Want to read more? Check out the CSR session in the 2014 annual report! And never hesitate to ask us questions or provide suggestions about our sustainability efforts. After all, if we want to make this world a better place, we’ll have to work hard … together!

Check out the World Environment Day (WED) 2015 website to read more about this year’s theme and activities. #WED2015

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