Oct 09, 2015

Nearly New Barco Product of the month: check out the HDF-W26 projector!

Live Gig & Touring 1 min read last updated on: Dec 11, 2015

‘Nearly New Barco’, that’s high-quality Barco equipment – from basic cables and high-end projectors through to LED and Digital Cinema solutions – in optimal condition, yet at a reduced price. Each month, we’re putting one product in the spots. In October: our powerful HDF-W26 projector.


Visualization beyond imagination
Amaze your spectators! With a light output up to 26,000 lumens, the HDF-W26 displays superior images, even in venues with lots of ambient light. The HDF-W26 has been designed with the road in mind. Its compact and modular design makes it simple to install and service.

As actions speak louder than words, see the projector at work during the projection mapping show on Burgos Cathedral in our video reference.

Interested? Check out this tempting offer on our Nearly New Barco website. And be sure to keep an eye on the Nearly New Barco website to discover more special offers and extra discounts. You can even directly order your Nearly New Barco products in our webshop!

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