Oct 13, 2015

The future of retail? It’s taking shape at the Shopping Innovation Lab!

Virtual reality

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A place to shape innovations
Set up in 2005, PICOM brings researchers and companies together with the aim of finding new solutions for the economic challenges the retail industry is facing. The organization couldn’t have dreamt of a better present for its 10th anniversary than the brand-new SILAB. By setting up the ‘laboratory’ – a joint initiative between PICOM and public and private partners – PICOM can now offer access to the latest technology to actually discover and test the innovations that await tomorrow’s retailers and consumers. From today onwards, every company or research institute is welcome at the 900 m2 building of Eurotechnologies in Lille (northern France) to shape the innovations they have in mind to conquer tomorrow’s retail industry.

A CAVE to simulate the retail space
The SILAB features three main technological platforms, which represent the three main sales channels of the future: at home, in the shop and mobile. To simulate commercial environments (shop, commercial center, commercial drive …), Barco with its European 3D expert partner, Immersion, set up a unique, four-sided immersive CAVE with movable sidewalls. Four Barco RLM-W14 three-chip projectors with Active Stereo 3D help users to simulate retail spaces in 3D and examine the customer behavior.

For more information, please visit: http://www.picom.fr/shopping-innovation-lab/

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