Dec 11, 2015

See our Nexxis OR-over-IP platform in action at JSES 2015 in Osaka

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The Japanese Society for Endoscopic Surgery (JSES) is holding its 28th annual conference in Osaka this year, and we’ll be there with bells on. Visitors to the Barco booth will be able to experience our top-of-the-line Nexxis surgical imaging system and MDSC surgical displays in an emulated OR environment.

Uncompressed 4K video imaging in the operating room
Our Nexxis platform for the integrated digital operating room meets every requirement posed by surgical procedures. Nexxis presents high-resolution, uncompressed images with near-zero latency to eliminate artifacts and enable perfect hand-eye coordination. The entire video stream is 4K from end to end. Nexxis is scalable, flexible, and easy to set up and maintain—all you need is a single optical cable and you’re ready to plug and play the devices you need.

World-class surgical displays

We’ll also be showing off two of our top-quality surgical displays, the 58-inch MDSC-8258 display and the 32-inch MDSC-8232 display. Both displays have 4K resolution, full 10-bit processing, LED backlighting, and ITU 709-compliant color calibration. The MDSC-8258 is an ideal cathlab and hybrid OR display; the MDSC-8232 is the perfect match for 4K endoscopy camera systems. All our MDSC surgical displays integrate with the Nexxis system.

Come see it for yourself
Our surgical imaging booth at JSES emulates an operating room environment, where visitors can see for themselves the benefits of our Nexxis 4K surgical imaging system and our MDSC surgical displays. Come visit us in booth 19 at JSES 2015 and be amazed by the resolution and level of detail!

For more information:
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