Jan 22, 2016

Barco explores digital cinema innovation at ICTA event

Cinema 1 min read last updated on: May 22, 2018

The International Cinema Technology Association (ICTA) hosts the acclaimed “L.A. Seminar Series” showcasing the latest cinema technologies and educational seminars aimed at movie theater owners and those responsible for theater design and planning of day-to-day operations.

As usual, Barco is playing a central role in the activities, with our Director of Sales, Joe DeMeo, conducting several sessions: Interview with filmmaker, producer and director Howard Lukk “Filmmaking Techniques as related to Digital;” Tour of Chinese Theater and demonstration of IMAX demo reel; moderator for panel discussion “The Unintended Consequences of Digital,” and participant on the Manufacturers presentation panel.

Bill Beck aka “The Laser Guy”, is giving a product presentation on Barco's new 18,000 lumen Laser Phosphor projector, which together with its line of flagship projectors and AUROMAX immersive sound,  enables the All-Laser Premium Multiplex.  Bill’s presentation highlighted both the increased revenue and decreased costs of a multiplex outfitted with a range of optimum laser models.  

Lastly, Barco's Jan Daem, who is the newly elected LIPA Chairman,  is hosting a presentation on “Laser-Illuminated Cinema Projection – Regulatory Update,” explaining that, thanks to the efforts of LIPA, theater owners can purchase and deploy laser projectors from manufacturers due to a more favorable regulatory environment for Laser illuminated projectors. 

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