Apr 27, 2016

Barco helps Reiser provide the most realistic possible training experience

Simulation 1 min read last updated on: May 22, 2018

When Reiser Simulation and Training was looking for a projection system to fit its professional Full-Flight Simulator (FFS), the pilots and trainers unanimously chose Barco’s FS35 IR projectors. Their argument? Barco’s solution offers the most realistic performance, also when using Night Vision Goggles (NVGs). 15 FS35 Barco IR LED projectors will now help Reiser’s new FFS to ensure unprecedented day, night and IR stimulated simulation.

The best solution available
Reiser Simulation and Training is currently building its first FFS for 4-tonne class helicopters, which will be training pilots in critical, near-ground helicopter search and rescue scenarios. “We want to help them practice safe flying, under the most demanding conditions, by offering a FFS that ensures the most realistic possible training experience,” said Frank Thieser, Managing Director of Reiser Training Services GmbH – the Reiser subsidiary that owns the simulator. As the quality of the projection system is critical to a professional FFS, Reiser chose the best solution available: Barco’s FS35 IR LED projectors.

High image quality, durable and flexible

System integrator project:syntropy, which set up the simulation solution, fully agreed with the choice. Christoph Bode, owner and technical director: “Projection systems must be of high image quality and resolution, extremely durable and efficient in a 24/7 environment. Moreover, they must be very adjustable and flexible, too. Barco’s FS35 IR projectors tick all the boxes. In addition, the team provides excellent support services,”

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