Apr 29, 2016

Golden Village Multiplex and Long, Long Time Ago bring immersive sound to Singapore

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For a few weeks now, moviegoers in Singapore have finally been able to enjoy the full power of immersive 3D audio at the Golden Village Suntec City Cinema. Part of the Golden Village Multiplex group, it is the first cinema in Singapore to introduce the revolutionary Auro 11.1 audio format to its audience. The first movie screened in Auro 11.1 is director Jack Neo’s historic drama Long, Long Time Ago.

Historic milestone

By adding two additional layers of sound to the existing 7.1 surround sound layer, Auro 11.1 by Barco creates a natural, lifelike sound that is highly convincing in imitating real life. Its unique characteristics have already persuaded numerous Hollywood producers and cinema operators who were looking for new ways to differentiate themselves.


Among the latter is director Jack Neo. His latest full-length feature film Long, Long Time ago tells the story of Singapore’s growth as a nation. The moody cinematography, combined with the unique features of Auro 11.1, create a unique and compelling experience that truly envelopes the audience.


50% audio, 100% unique experience

“Audio is an important part of any film,” explains Neo. “That’s why I want to offer my audiences the best possible way to experience the various sounds in my films. Auro 11.1 allows viewers to experience the landscapes like I intended.”


Sebastian Fong, project manager at Golden Village, concurs: “Visualization has grown tremendously in recent years, while the evolution of audio technology has been much more gradual. This makes Auro 11.1 by Barco such a monumental revolution in the history of cinema. When it’s known that 50% of the moviegoing experience relies on pitch-perfect audio, you’ll understand why we’re so proud to be the first cinema operator to bring Auro 11.1 to Singapore.”

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