Jun 13, 2016

Belgian Embassy in Qatar invites expat Belgians to cheer on their national team (and Barco is there too)

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Belgium is starting to heat up for the first UEFA cup match of the ‘Red Devils’. When tonight at 21:00h local time, the match Belgium - Italy kicks off in Lyon (France), millions of Belgians around the world will be cheering on their national team. In Doha, Qatar, the Belgian Embassy has invited all the Belgians living there to watch the Belgian matches at its building. Barco was happy to provide a Barco projector to screen the excitement!

Ready to score
It’s been a few days now since Salam Technology, our trusted business partner in Qatar, installed one of our compact, lightweight PGWU laser phosphor projectors at the Belgian Embassy building (thanks Salam!). After a series of intensive trials we feel confident that the projector will score faultlessly, between today’s kick-off of the tournament and – who knows – the finals on 10 July. Let’s hope that the Belgian team will perform just as well … Sit back and enjoy the action!

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