Sep 22, 2016

Barco honored as 2016 Top Training & Simulation company

Control Room 1 min read last updated on: Nov 26, 2019

Military Training International magazine has awarded Barco Simulation with a prestigious Top Training & Simulation award in the “Innovation” category – recognizing its advanced technologies targeted to the industry.

A Blue Ribbon for Innovation
Based on an industry survey, MTI editors selected companies that have made the most significant contributions to the training community. A BLUE ribbon signifies that a company leads the industry in innovation. Barco’s latest simulation products include: the 4K UHD F90 series projector, offering industry-leading price/performance and durability, warranted for 24/7 operation; and, Barco’s unique audio processing technology, featuring the IOSONO CORE processing engine, which further enhances realism and elevates the complete sensory experience of trainees.

The 2016 MTI Top Simulation & Training Companies listing appears in the September 2016 issue (MTI 21.5) of Military Training International magazine. See Barco’s profile here.

About Barco Simulation
Barco’s rich heritage in simulation & training is reflected by our continued dedication to being the only projection company that develops and fully supports purpose-built projectors for the needs of the simulation & training market with a focused R&D and customer service team. Our mission is to deliver the highest performing simulation & training products which increase simulator availability and reduce risk for our customers. 

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