Oct 11, 2016

The impact of a successful presentation

Lobby and Experience Centers 1 min read

We wanted to look how presenting is approached by people around the world, and to find out what makes for a successful presentation. We asked 1,000 office workers who run, present or attend meetings to share their experiences and attitudes towards presenting.

Our findings revealed that almost all employees, 95% of respondents, believe that there is a wider impact of presenting well. Almost six in ten believe that a successful presentation can build personal reputation and 37% believe it could open up job opportunities. Furthermore, 45% reported that they were able to win new business as a result of a strong presentation and nearly half of respondents believed it could boost the profile of an organisation.

The findings suggest that a successful presentation can not only positively benefit the individual, but also the wider organisation. Presentations seemingly play a key role in the success of global organisations.

The survey revealed that over 85% of respondents use technology most of the time when presenting. However, the majority also reported that they have experienced technology issues during a presentation. With technology integral to presentations, it is clear that reliable and easy to use technology is invaluable to organisations.

Check out the report on www.barco.com/present2win.

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