Nov 04, 2016

Newest Barco laser projection partners celebrated at ShowEast

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As the global leader in powering premium cinema with world-class laser projection, Barco is helping movie exhibitors differentiate their showings while boosting operational efficiency. The result: a new paradigm in movie presentation quality, providing increased value for both theater owners and their customers.

Welcome to the family!
Barco celebrated its newest members of the Barco Flagship Laser Family at ShowEast, bestowing congratulatory plaques on the following cinema partners: Bardan, along with Cinemex, Cineplanet, Cinepolis, Cinesystem Cinemas, and National Amusements, Inc. These exhibitors announced their new solutions as part of the ShowEast experience:

National Amusements – converting all Showcase XPlus auditoriums to Barco Flagship Laser projection, beginning with installations on the East Coast. 


Cinesystem Cinemas – located in Brazil, becomes the first all-laser theater in Latin America offering a mix of Flagship and Laser Phosphor projectors.


Empowering the all-laser experience in today’s theaters
Barco also demonstrated its award-winning Laser Phosphor Projector, the industry’s first 20,000 lumen laser phosphor projector for cinema, in a series of hands-on demos. The combined Flagship and Laser Phosphor portfolio enables exhibitors to create all-laser theaters to reap operational efficiencies and reduce costs for the entire theater.

Bardan_image Cinemex_image Cineplanet_Image Cinepolis_Image

Also making a splash at ShowEast were the Barco Lobby Experience and Barco Escape:

The Barco Lobby Experience
The Barco Lobby Experience is an innovative, advanced technological platform that envelops the moviegoer, transforming an ordinary cinema lobby into an immersive storytelling environment. During ShowEast, Barco announced its newest deployment at Santa Rosa Entertainment Group in Oxnard, California. This most comprehensive digital lobby signage solution on the market today, it transforms the lobby into a revenue-generating entertainment center that captivates, informs and engages its customers.

Barco Escape
Barco Escape featured a demonstration pod to give users a glimpse of this immersive entertainment experience. The unique three-screen, panoramic movie format lets moviegoers discover more of the movie’s story during the most epic and visually stunning moments of a film. Barco is working with top Hollywood studios and producers to create new films in the Barco Escape format, which has received rave reviews from guests and critics alike.

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