Nov 08, 2016

Czech radiologists run for charity alongside an amazing group of visually impaired people


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A crystal clear image is key for a radiologist to make a correct and complete diagnosis. How would radiologists, who rely on their sight feel if they lost it? Our valued partner Aura Medical teamed up with Světluska, a charity that helps people with severe visual impairments to raise awareness about sight loss– and raise money – during the biannual Czech National Radiology Congress. Barco teamed up with Aura Medical at the congress and proudly sponsored the initiative.

“We wanted to organize an event to support blind people,” Pavel Zavadil, Managing Director of Aura Medical and David Navratil, Product Manager explain. “For us it was important it was something special, something that people would never forget and that would emotionally connect them with the radiology community. Hence the idea of a charity run, where radiologists would run side-by-side with visually impaired and blind people and raise money for their efforts.” Pavel Zavadil and his team were delighted to get the support of Professors Vlastimil Valek and Marek Mechl, two renowned radiologists from Fakultni Nemocnice in Brno and both members of the Czech Radiology Society. All the participants received Barco-branded T-shirts and sunglasses, in addition to some delicious Belgian chocolates for everyone who completed the run.

Raise awareness and raising money for a worthwhile cause

Organized by the Czech Radiological Society, the Czech National Radiology Congress attracted around 500 participants. Over 120 of them signed up for the run. The runners ran hand in hand with a visually impaired or blind person, guiding them during a 2km- or 4-km race. Between them, the runners raised ca. EUR 4,000 for Světluska. Most importantly, however, the initiative raised awareness, concern and sympathy for an amazing group of people. Thanks to the great preparations and the support, this was a unique and emotional event for the radiologists and their co-runners as well as everyone else involved!

For more images of the amazing race, please visit the picture gallery. Feel free to add more photos if you managed to take some nice shots with your own camera.

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