Nov 17, 2016

Making the best better: LED evolves to RGB Laser in Control Rooms

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Collaborative visualization in its many forms is fast becoming the engine of the 24/7 control room. High resolution video walls empower operators with vital data while engaging stakeholders in mission-critical decision making. There is simply no better way to clearly visualize the plethora of video and data necessary to accurately monitor, analyze and problem-solve incidents and issues on the roadways, on secure premises, on the power grid, or on the oil field to ensure productivity and public safety.

For mission-critical control rooms, rear projection still reigns supreme

There are many choices when it comes to video wall solutions, each offering unique benefits. So how do you choose?  It all depends on your specific application or environment. For mission-critical operations that require 24/7 reliability and crystal-clear image quality, LED-lit rear-projected cubes have fulfilled this purpose – from security/ surveillance centers, to utilities and traffic/transportation agencies, to EOCs and more. In fact, in a comparison among video wall technologies – rear projection cubes, near-seamless LCDs and narrow-pixel-pitch LEDs – rear projection cubes are the optimum choice for large-screen visualization in control rooms when compared head-to-head in 8 of 9 categories.*

laser vs led chart_image

*Ergonomics, Image Quality, Seamlessness, Real Estate, Reliability, Longevity, Serviceability, Power Consumption, and Cost-of-Ownership

That’s why Barco evolved its industry-leading OverView OL series LED-lit video walls to incorporate next-generation RGB laser illumination technology. This investment is improving both the aesthetics and economics of collaboration visualization in control rooms, reinforcing our commitment to developing future-proof solutions for these critical infrastructure markets.

Bring your control room out of the (dark) ages

Leveraging decades of experience in rear projection video wall technology, Barco has developed the RGB Laser for 24/7 Control Rooms, representing a quantum leap in performance compared to the current generation of LED-lit rear projection video walls.

One of the most significant benefits of laser-illuminated video walls is the ability to bring control rooms out of sheer darkness into a bright, daylight experience. This is because they deliver far superior brightness, allowing operators to collaborate with colleagues more effectively and perform ancillary tasks with proper ambient lighting. And there’s more.


1.   Sustained brightness

Barco’s RGB Laser for 24/7 Control Rooms offers the highest possible combination of brightness and lifetime. This is a critical parameter pair, with RGB Laser offering 2X brightness of LED-illuminated video walls over the same lifetime.


ultimate quality_image

2.  Ultimate image quality

Compared to previous-generation LED-lit video walls, the RGB Laser display delivers twice the focus and contrast levels with rich color saturation, rendering every detail crisp and precise for the ultimate image quality. And, without the need for a color wheel, each color can be uniquely controlled while eliminating color breakup. Barco’s advanced calibration system automatically and continuously adjusts brightness and color levels to ensure 24/7 uniformity, rendering the video wall completely maintenance free!

3.  Eco-friendliness

With each generation of video wall technology, Barco has raised the bar for energy efficiency. Its latest laser-illuminated display uses 25% less power at higher brightness compared to LED-lit displays. An LED-lit video wall converts each watt of power to 2.4 lumens. But the new RGB laser solution triples that output, converting a single watt to 7.5 lumens. This translates to 3X higher energy efficiency compared to LED-lit video walls!  What’s more, it’s also the quietest option available, with a “library noise” level less than 30 dB (3 feet in front of the display).


Lower energy cost_image

 4.  Low Total Cost of Ownership

 Because video walls are a substantial capital investment for organizations, the total cost of ownership is even more important than the actual purchase  price  of the solution. The RGB Laser for 24/7 Control Rooms offers a superior value proposition compared to LED-lit video walls, maintaining peak  performance  over a longer lifetime (11.5 vs 9 years) at a lower operating cost (25% less power consumption).


5.  High reliability

Redundancy of all critical components is an important factor in ensuring the reliability of 24/7 video wall solutions. Barco’s RGB Laser for 24/7 ControlRooms features several layers of redundancy, providing twice as many laser banks, laser power drivers, and dual input links, as well as external/remote and redundant power supplies, compared to their equivalents in previous generation LED-lit video walls.

With all of the advantages of RGB laser video walls, it’s no wonder that industrial and government institutions are embracing these solutions to enhance situational awareness and collaboration in their 24/7 mission-critical control rooms. After all, when you can simultaneously achieve higher performance and lower operating costs over a longer lifetime, the choice is obvious!

Discover how RGB Laser for 24/7 Control Rooms can improve your success!
Want to learn more about the advantages of RGB laser-illuminated video walls? Discover all that this exciting technology offers in Barco’s solution brief and start boosting your control room performance!

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