Nov 29, 2016

Brand-new Dutch Cinema Gold chooses the gold standard in cinema projection

Cinema 1 min read last updated on: Dec 06, 2016

The inhabitants of Veldhoven, a town southwest of Eindhoven (The Netherlands), can’t wait until the brand-new Cinema Gold opens in early 2017. More than ‘just another’ cinema, Cinema Gold will be a premium entertainment venue dedicated to offering an exceptional moviegoing experience. As their concept calls for premium image quality, owners RSB Cinemas chose the very best cinema projectors on the market: our flagship laser projectors!

Sharp, ultra-bright images
Cinema Gold will feature four stylish theaters with luxurious seating, small tables, mood lighting and even drink and food ordering services. In line with the cinema’s high-quality standards, the screens in every theater had to be enormous and the image quality impeccable. Our flagship laser projectors were a logical choice. Manager Michiel van de Wiel: “Thanks to Barco flagship laser projectors, we can project up to 120 images per second, and 4K resolution. Images will be four times sharper than with conventional digital cinema projectors. The ultra-bright images are especially impressive when watching 3D movies.”

Low total cost of ownership
More than offering excellent image quality, our flagship laser projectors also free RSB cinemas from all lamp-related costs and maintenance obligations. Moreover, the DP4K-series projectors consume 40% less power than xenon projectors with the same brightness. In other words: flagship laser projectors ensure a low total cost of ownership!

First European cinema to install all-flagship laser
Cinema Gold is the very first European cinema to install nothing but our premium models, the flagship laser projector series. Moviegoers won’t have to choose whether they want to see their movie with the brightest, most impeccable image quality or not. Cnema Gold is offering nothing but the very best in every one of its theaters.

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