Dec 01, 2016

Stay tuned for the future of large venue projection!

Themed Entertainment 1 min read

Are you confident about your future investments in the rapidly evolving entertainment business? Are you satisfied with the current large venue laser projectors on the market?

We've worked hard on a game-changing projector platform that's designed to match your needs.

We can’t tell you too much about these projectors just yet but in the coming weeks we’ll be revealing five of their benefits and we kick off today with the first advantage.

Easy shipping, quick setup

With our upcoming projectors you can reduce your shipping and labor costs. They’re the most compact, high-brightness laser projectors for events and large venues on the market. They not only make shipping and transport easier, their flight cases will take up less space in your truck too. And fewer crew members will be needed to carry and install the projectors. Rigging and stacking? Done in a breeze!

Despite their compact size, they don’t compromise on color, brightness, and lifetime.

When the going gets tough, these projectors get going. They’re not only compact but also rugged. That’s why they endure the challenges of life on the road.

Does size matter to you? Be bright, choose right.

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