Dec 07, 2016

South Korea welcomes its very first – Barco – all-laser multiplex

Cinema 1 min read last updated on: May 22, 2018

From December onwards, there’s an extra reason to visit the South Korean city of Gwangyang. In addition to its many cultural festivals and unique natural and cultural sites, Gwangyang will be home to a brand-new, unique cinema. When leaping into the cinema business, broadcaster Yeosu MBC resolutely chose to integrate cutting-edge, future-proof digital cinema technology. Its seven-theater Kwangyang multiplex will feature one of our flagship laser (DP4K-30L) and six laser phosphor projectors (DP2K-20CLP).

No experience like a Barco experience

“We poured a whole lot of time and effort into finding the best solution in the projection industry, and the choice was clear. Barco technology really stands out from the competition in all respects,” says Jinho Lee, Business Operation Senior Manager at Yeosu MBC. “Barco laser projectors have the perfect balance of cutting-edge technology, simple operation, low maintenance and the best support in the industry – but above all, the Barco viewing experience is just better,” Lee continues.

Writing history together

The seven screens of the Gwangyang multiplex are equipped with one Barco flagship laser projector and six 20,000-lumen laser phosphor projectors. As a result, the multiplex will be the first all-laser cinema complex in South Korea. According to Yongwook Yoon, CEO of Yeosu MBC, “All-laser theater is set to make history, and we’re glad to write this history together with Barco.”

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