Feb 09, 2017

Why would my ClickShare need an upgrade...

ClickShare 1 min read last updated on: Oct 29, 2020

Why on earth does Barco release updates for its ClickShare presentation systems?   Simple! To keep your units as powerful, efficient and user-friendly as possible. You need the driver updates, will love the interesting functionality enhancements and will be relieved to hear of bug fixes.  We give you 10 reasons to update your ClickShare unit with the latest Firmware:

  1. Be compatible with latest OS’s to support eg. Airplay updates. Each change in airplay protocol is also reflected in updates of our libraries. We roll these out via firmware updates.
  2. Combat latest security threats with ease. When bugs or vulnerabilities are detected, we update open source components in the Firmware update.
  3. Get rid of bugs and known issues in every new release. 
  4. Access the latest Functionality additions, like support for extended desktop on windows. 
  5. Get all necessary Wi-Fi Driver updates. They ensure better connectivity and Wi-Fi stability.
  6. Maximize product performance and experience stress-free collaboration. 
  7. Enjoy the newest product enhancements and get the most of your wireless presentation system.
  8. The set of REST API commands is expanded whenever new functions are added to ClickShare.
  9. Improve your connectivity even more.
  10. Work seamlessly with the ClickShare app for Windows, mac, iOS and Android.

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