Sep 13, 2017

32BLP already outperforms in brightness, offering cinema owners more flexibility

Cinema 1 min read last updated on: May 22, 2018

Since Monday 11 September, the two 32BLP movie projectors are being sold under the 36BLP banner. Why? Quite simply because they are out-performing their original specifications.

In effect, the projectors now offer over 35,000 lumens rather than the 33,000 originally planned. So to maintain the logic of the product naming, the names are being changed from 32 to 36.

“Brightness is key when choosing a projector,” explains Gilles Claeys, Product Manager, Entertainment. “Going from 33k to 35k is a big deal. With the same machine you can project to screens up to 27 meters, or you can offer even brighter projection on a screen less than 27 meters to bring the very best 3D image for audiences, for example; it really makes a difference.”

More flexibility for cinema owners

Another benefit is the possibility of extending the lifetime of the projector. “As the projector is brighter, you can dim the projector more to achieve the same on-screen brightness. This extends the brightness stability of the projector. So ultimately, the new specification gives theater owners more flexibility,” adds Claeys. “It’s an exciting change.”

The new DP2K-36BLP and DP4K-36BLP still offer all the benefits of Barco Smart Laser projectors, such as reduced total cost of ownership, unprecedented ease of mind and superior image quality. What’s more, owners of a Barco B-series projector can replace their current lamp house with the unique laser phosphor retrofit module through an easy on-site upgrade. The full range of Smart Laser projectors can be found here.

The first 36BLPs will be shipping later this year.

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