Nov 29, 2017

Collaborate with Ease: WiCS-2100 Now Available

Lobby and Experience Centers 3 min read last updated on: Nov 26, 2019

We are proud to announce our latest presentation gateway and the flagship model of our Collaborative series of solution, WiCS-2100 is now available.

wePresent’s WiCS-2100 is a simple-to-use wireless presentation collaboration solution that allows presentation, interaction and collaboration between users with any kind of device. Whether a Windows or Mac computer, smartphone, tablet; WiCS-2100 bridges the technology gap created by BYOD (bring your own device) environments with its cross-platform technology. wePresent WiCS-2100 allows wireless presentations over any existing network (LAN). This makes it incredibly fast and extremely reliable. It easily integrates into any network environment, insuring your presentations are mirrored at up to 30 frames per second and in full 1080P HD resolution.

Equally used as a technology solution for corporate an education markets, WiCS-2100’s wireless presentation gateway provides many features that are found in high end rack-mounted audio visual room solutions, but removes the worry and hassle of installing those systems.

Expanding upon wePresent’s wireless, cross platform presentation gateway technology, the WiCS-2100 provides businesses and educators with new features specifically designed for more efficient and effective collaboration.

New Features Released for the WiCS-2100

AirPlay Support

Share audio/ video content from an iOS device, using Apple's native Airplay protocol.

Users can connect with Airplay, available on all Mac OS and iOS devices, for an easy presentation experience. Your wePresent will be visible on your Apple device as an open Airplay receiver, allowing you to synchronize audio/video content directly to the wePresent environment. In our new Collaboration Series, Airplay has been given an upgrade. Not only can you use Airplay simultaneously alongside other devices, but you can use our on-screen annotation tools. We've also enhanced our video streaming capabilities, to include apps such as YouTube.

ChromeCast Support

Share audio and video content from a Chromebook or Android device, using Google's native ChromeCast protocol.

With our new collaboration series, users can connect through Google's ChromeCast protocol to stream audio and video simultaneously alongside other devices. With their solid performance and cost effective pricing, Chromebooks are the go-to choice for K-12 schools. wePresent enhances the student's experience by supporting the native ChromeCast functionality, allowing YouTube and other videos to not only be seen, but heard.

Dynamic Screen Layout

When multiple users are presenting, content layout configures automatically to optimize display.

When collaboration is key to your interaction, dynamic screen layout allows for quick and seamless changes when sharing from one or multiple devices. Two users can be shown side-by-side, three users will automatically display only themselves, and four users will present in quadrant screens. Dynamic screen layout is the best method of presenting and optimizing the on-screen experience.

On Screen User Preview

Displays thumbnails of all connected devices for immediate preview by the moderator.

Moderators and teachers have long struggled with the limitation of not knowing what the connected users were about to present from their device. With on screen preview, wePresent shows a small thumbnail of all the connected computers and mobile devices, before users can present to full screen. Perfect in the classroom for teachers who are moderating many students, on screen preview keeps the collaborative experience running smoothly from start to finish.

Eco Standby Mode

Utilize discreet power to maintain functionality while conserving energy use.

When no user connections are detected, eco standby mode is activated. Eco standby allows for reduced power consumption without compromising any performance or reliability. Units will automatically wake up when a user connects, plugs in a USB device or standby button is pressed. The timeout period can be set from 0 to 60 minutes, giving full customization options to manage your system needs.

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