Dec 08, 2017

Barco Smart Laser: the benefits of laser phosphor projection for cinema [WHITE PAPER]

Cinema 1 min read last updated on: Feb 24, 2021

Laser projection is rapidly becoming the technology of choice for cinema. 2014 saw the first commercial installations of high-brightness RGB laser projectors from different companies in premium cinemas around the world. Since then, most manufacturers have announced a range of laser phosphor projectors and Barco has already supplied over 100 all-laser multiplexes around the world. Despite this progress, there still might be questions regarding the customer benefits, product performance, as well as the laser technology itself.

Our new white paper offers a high-level overview and provides answers to why laser phosphor technology today is capable of offering high performance projection solutions for the evolving global cinema market.

What you'll learn

  • How's the light made?
  • How are the correct colors made for DCI cinema presentation?
  • Benefits of Barco Smart Laser technology and its value to exhibitors
    • More efficient than Xenon
    • A whopping 35,000 lumen brightness
    • 40,000 hours laser lifetime, anyone?
    • Good, better, best
    • No pain, lots of gain

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