Dec 19, 2017

How can breast radiologists work more efficiently?

Medical Imaging & workflows 1 min read

The field of breast imaging is often described as a challenging environment, especially since radiologists are required to view more and different types of imaging modalities. Different sets of images have their own specific display specifications and requirements, compelling radiologists to use multiple workstations. This has an impact on radiologists’ efficiency. 

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There are a few best practices to help breast radiologists handle the challenges in breast imaging, thanks to new display technologies.

  1. Unifying workflow
    Displays should support every type of image, enabling viewing of multimodality breast images on a single screen, in 2D or 3D, static or moving, grayscale or color.

  2. Increasing detection
    With high-bright displays, small and low contrast details are easier to see, dense breast tissue is sharper, and near skin-line details are much brighter.

  3. Ensuring quality
    Advanced calibration technologies guarantee consistent color images in space and time. So radiologists can rely on the diagnostic value of color if present in the image.

  4. Boosting ergonomics
    A large display form factors and tools to manage (ambient) lighting enhance reading comfort and productivity.

If you want to know more, download this ebook, in which we’ll discuss the challenges in breast imaging and how new display technologies can tackle these, improving reading comfort and performance.

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