May 16, 2018

Every meeting has its price. About wasting and saving money in your enterprise


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How many meetings a day do you attend? And is every one of those efficient? You’ve probably been in a meeting where you had time to gaze through the window and wonder what else you could have done with your time…

As the minutes pass, the dollars disappear as well. Too many meetings and too many attendees, inefficient and unprepared, with tech slowing down the pace of the meeting: you and your colleagues spent too much precious time in meeting rooms. Don’t forget that every minute of inefficiency is costing the boss and the company money too. And lots of it…

With our Meeting waste calculator you can discover how expensive the meetings at your company actually are, whether it’s a small team update or a company-wide get-together. Take the number of meeting attendees, the average salary cost and the minutes per meeting lost. You’ll be surprised of the hidden cost of your current meeting inefficiency.

Put a figure on your hidden cost?

And the good news is, that once you’ve got a clear view on what you are spending on meetings, you can also start saving. Not only by working a new meeting culture in your company, but also by investing in easy-to-use meeting room tech for instance, because that will save you time and money in the end.

We’ll change the way your workplace runs with our wireless collaboration solutions. Click our Virtual Demo and find out more on how ClickShare can boost efficiency in your meeting rooms.

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