May 17, 2018

Overture: Create Next Generation Meeting Room Experiences

Overture 3 min read last updated on: Jun 11, 2020

How many meetings have you been in that don’t start on time because participants are spending the first 15 minutes (or more) trying to manage technology with remotes or attempting to navigate confusing interfaces? In many companies technology challenges like these have become so vexing that an IT/AV technician is required to be on hand to start all meetings.  As a result, employees avoid the meeting rooms and technologies that frustrate them, which can lead to decreased productivity in meetings.


At the same time, IT/AV managers are required to send technicians running all over the enterprise or education campus to respond to helpdesk tickets because they are missing visibility into the network as a whole.  How much does this reactive approach - that stems from not having a solid toolset where technicians could proactively troubleshoot problems before they happen - cost your organization each year in lost productivity in the meeting and from your technical staff?

First, Avoid Making Matters Worse

The gut response of many tech managers to address these questions and challenges involves layering in more technology. However, this leads to more hardware, such as in-room control PC’s and AV switches that often come with even more confusing interfaces, only augment the room’s complexity, thus increasing the likelihood of something going wrong.


Sometimes organizations attempt to reduce user interactions by automating the meeting room with hardware.  But this solution comes with more unanticipated costs, as it requires many hours of custom, costly programming which is prone to errors and is no guarantee of better outcomes. Even if you try to conserve resources by using the monitoring software that the manufacturer of your AV control hardware threw in for “free,” it has hidden costs to deploy, including more custom programming.

Simplify Meetings with Barco’s Overture

Barco’s Overture A/V monitoring and control software ensures better meeting experiences by automating in-room hardware to respond to how users work and interact, and by providing template-based user interfaces that are consistent from meeting room to room.

Overture is built on simple configuration, eliminating the need for custom programming and empowering AV/IT managers to use a wizard-style configurator to create specific “behaviors” for meeting rooms that enable meetings to start on time, and be more productive. In addition, Overture’s centralized monitoring and remote management tools empower the AV/IT manager to proactively maintain all devices on the network, as well as provide troubleshooting assistance from any location without the need to be physically present.

Finally, Overture features a powerful real-time dashboard and robust reporting tools that allow AV/IT managers to be responsive to developing trends, develop ROI statistics on facility and technology investments and to make better technology decisions. These findings can help your organization make adjustments to increase efficiencies, and justify future technology investments.

NEW at InfoComm: Overture can now be configured with the industry-leading collaboration device, Barco ClickShare, which eliminates time spent “passing the cable” from presenter to presenter and creates an integrated and streamlined meeting environment. Overture and ClickShare together manage a full range of customized settings relevant to the meeting environments that are most productive for your team.

See Overture in Action at InfoComm 2018

If you’re responsible for any aspect of deploying or using technology solutions within an enterprise or educational campus you’ll want to visit Barco at Booth C2536 to see Overture in action. We’ll be demonstrating Overture’s many meeting room automation features. Be among the first to experience the integration of Overture and ClickShare, and try it out yourself.

Overture will enable bright outcomes at InfoComm 2018!


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