May 25, 2018

Bright: “When innovation becomes an experience”


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A new series of articles spotlights how Barco thought leadership is being adopted and adapted by pioneering partners and savvy decision-makers.

Behind Barco’s slogan of “Enabling bright outcomes” there is a core truth. The products and services we sell often make a significant difference in the way companies work, collaborate and communicate. A wide-ranging series of articles illustrates how this thought leadership is adopted and adapted by stakeholders from our ecosystem. From visionary trend-watchers to pioneering partners and savvy decision-makers, “Bright” throws a spotlight on some fascinating outcomes in the fields of education, live events and meeting technologies.

From experience to insight

Over the coming months, Bright will regularly provide snapshots of a few key people – from an incubator, to academics and leading business partners such as Kinepolis – and how they see us. The articles are being developed together with and made available to the subscribers of the De Tijd/Echo de la Bourse business magazines. The first ones – that focus on experience as an outcome - can already be found online at Bright.

The first interviewees include Frankie Desjardins, Chief Technical Advisor at Solotech – the people behind Lady Gaga’s latest tour (“Despite all the gimmicks, people still want to be surprised by the artist'), Eddy Duquenne, CEO Kinepolis (“We sell collective happiness, goose bumps”) and Nicolas Vanden Avenne, CEO Ocular (‘Museums, installations and events of the future are phygital’).

The articles will also allow our investors to get a fuller picture of what we do, as well as supplying material for our Marketing/Sales teams. Check all the articles now. [].

Full list of the first series of articles:

  1. Interview with Wim De Bruyne, General Manager Meeting Experiences at Barco and Frank Demonie, Chief Technology Officer at KBC: ‘Do you already meet in a cosy cockpit?’ 
  2. Data Scientist Ben Waber about people analytics, meetings & technology 
  3. Nicolas Vanden Avenne, CEO Ocular: ‘Museums, installations and events of the future are phygital’
  4. Eddy Duquenne, CEO Kinepolis about the future of cinema
  5. Frankie Desjardins, Chief Technical Advisor at Solotech: 'Despite all the gimmicks, people still want to be surprised by the artist'
  6. Interview with Piet Desmet, Campus Rector of Kulak Kortrijk and Bruno Cassiman, Professor at the IESE Business School in Barcelona, about learning via technology
  7. Piet Verhoeve, CEO of Hangar K: 'Our co-creation hub has a constant interaction between starters, growers and established players’
  8. Column: Tod Machover, composer and innovator in the application of technology in music: Technology has to unite people

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