May 29, 2018

“Barco is at the heart of open innovation in Europe”


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Last week, we won three awards for our contribution in cross-border technology innovation projects. We received the awards at the EUREKA Innovation Days, which celebrates the high achievements and most innovative R&D projects in smart energy, industry, mobility and health.

High success rate

“Barco is really at the heart of open innovation in Europe,” says Ms. Zeynep Sarılar, ITEA’s Chairwoman.

“More than 10 ITEA projects in which Barco participated became award-winning projects or were promoted as a success story and many of the projects resulted in viable business for the company. Examples are Barco’s digital cinema offering and Nexxis solution for the digital operating room. That’s exactly the purpose of ITEA: helping businesses develop new, successful products based on pre-competitive research in an open community beyond national borders.”

Recognizing technological leadership

The awards received last week were for three different projects: C³PO, BENEFIT and MEDIATE. C³PO refers to a city co-design solution (which features Barco’s transportable cave) where the company shows its commitment to more sustainable and conscious communities. It wins in the category Business Impact.

BENEFIT addresses improvements in healthcare areas like image-guided intervention and treatment and also wins in the category Business Impact.

The MEDIATE project, which focuses on patient friendly medical intervention, wins in the category Innovations of Tomorrow, recognizing Barco’s leadership role when it comes to technological innovation.

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