May 29, 2018

Slicker and smarter: step-up meetings with the new ClickShare Button


2 min read

Gone are the days of the ordinary USB. Well, not entirely, but they might be very soon. More and more companies are introducing laptops, smartphones, tablets, docking stations, even home appliances, vehicles and other devices with UBC -C connectors. With Apple and HP on the frontline, USB-C is coming faster than you can imagine.

Say hello to USB-C, to its slicker, smarter and faster design, to its entrance in your home and office environment.  In today’s meeting room you bring your own smartphone, laptop or tablet. Do you need to drag along a bag full of connectors from now on? Damn those different types of USB, how else are you going to use all the meeting tech and presentation tools…

Never mind that bag of adaptors. We have the coolest thing for you. Barco ClickShare is bringing the very first USB-C Button on the market. The very first ever! Since nothing compares to a Click on our ClickShare Button to get a meeting going...

ClickShare’s Button just got lighter, thinner and sexier. Completely reversible, works in either orientation, only adding to your meeting comfort. With 30% less connection time needed since our last firmware update, you are guaranteed a quick start of your meeting. Time to step up your productivity with the next generation ClickShare Button!

The possibility to use a USB-C Button or a regular Button makes ClickShare king of any meeting, since it works with any laptop and offers a seamless user experience in any type of meeting room. We hope you can follow our pace, we’re on our way to the future of collaboration…

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