May 31, 2018

Right on time: re-energize collaboration with the new ClickShare firmware


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Timing is everything. The moment when you close a deal. The look of recognition when your board is finally aligned. The applause the audience gives you after a great presentation. Especially in meetings the flow of  a presentation and the pace of collaboration is of major importance.

Engaging content and good speaking skills are simply not enough to catch that moment: you need the ‘show’ to run smoothly and have tech on your side. Nothing is more annoying than having to stop in the middle of your presentation, run off to your laptop to switch to the next slide. Gone is the moment, gone is the attention and the decision.

With the new firmware release, ClickShare re-energizes collaboration and introduces TouchBack in your huddle, meeting and boardrooms. From now on you control your laptop via the touch screen in the room, instead of using the mouse. No need to go back to your laptop or use unreliable clickers to move to the next slide. Simply tap the screen to switch slides. And with a few touches on the screen, you can also open other presentations, share mails, start a video. 
Focus on audience and content instead of on your presentation tool. Run any application from your laptop and control it from the screen! Impress, convince, focus: ClickShare brings new energy and the right tech for ideation to your meetings.

Make sure you don’t miss out on this exciting feature for your wireless presentation solution and download the latest firmware for your ClickShare CSE-200 and CSE-800 units. The new download is available from mid June 2018 onwards for the CSE-200 and in September for the CSE-800.

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