Jun 01, 2018

And the winners are... the heroes behind cancer care


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When we talk about breast cancer awareness, we think of campaigns about self-examination and annual screening. We almost never think about the people working tirelessly to save their patients, like true heroes.

No typical tale

That’s why we decided to tell the story of cancer clinicians worldwide in last year's campaign, #beyondmymammo.

It’s a tribute to the people we work with every day. And a way of showing those fighting cancer: you never walk alone.

Surprise: silver!

This heart-warming story stole the hearts of many at the World Media Festival in Hamburg (May 16).  The jury felt it deserved a Silver award, an amazing appreciation of both story and setting.

Kudos to all cancer clinicians for the meaningful work they do. They truly are the heroes behind the heroes fighting cancer. Watch their story here.

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