Jun 05, 2018

Meetings are Changing—Are You Keeping Up?

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It’s a fact of modern life—in any given day we’re bombarded with meetings. The average knowledge worker spends an average of 8.5 hours per week in meetings, totaling approximately 11 weeks a year. And while meetings are vital to the workplace, those that are unproductive, especially due to technical challenges, can lead to a loss of engagement and a decrease in productivity and motivation.

To compound that stress, the meeting experience landscape is changing and it’s becoming increasingly important that companies adapt to those changes. It’s with that in mind that we’ll take look at the most important trends to keep an eye on in the future.

The Top Three Meeting Experience Trends to Watch For at InfoComm 2018

As you engage with the technology on display at InfoComm, keep in mind the following three trends.

Security is more important than ever

With the increase of high-profile data breaches happening recently, data security is top of mind of employees and IT departments around the world. Security when connecting through wireless platforms is an especially sensitive topic. Ensuring that your network and employees are as protected as possible is vital, and having solutions that are secure is going to be vitally important going forward.

Technology is constantly evolving

One of the most consistent aspects of the tech world is that it’s always in flux—new software is always being developed and the next new piece of hardware is just on the horizon. The most recent example is Apple’s move toward adopting USB-C ports as their standard. While it is fruitless to chase every trend that comes along, it is important to adapt to those that are becoming established so that your company is ready for what the future brings.

Collaboration is king

Today’s institutions rely on increased collaboration to make business decision. Employees want to have the freedom to use their preferred devices and for those devices to interact appropriately with the existing technology in the office. Employees also need to be able to connect with their peers across the office, town or the globe. Video conferencing, screen sharing and annotation are all expected.

Come See ClickShare in Action

Be sure to visit us at booth C2536 and find out how a solution to the above mentioned issues is a single button click away. Throughout InfoComm, we’ll demonstrate how ClickShare solves for a number of issues—both the ones you’re currently facing and those that are on the horizon.

You’ll have the opportunity to –

  • Learn how our management software keeps your network safe by limiting the creation of access points through WPS systems
  • Experience how our market-leading adoption of USB-C leads to an excellent user experience regardless of what USB port their device has
  • Take part in a demo of the soon to be released Touchback—a firmware release that allows presenters to control any application on their laptop via the touch screen in the room

We look forward to seeing you at InfoComm 2018! Taking back control of your meetings is just one of the bright outcomes you can expect from Barco.

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