Jun 05, 2018

Smarter Technology for Schools


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Today’s educators are working today to prepare students for tomorrow’s jobs. With the emphasis on collaboration in the workplace it makes sense that educators are using more collaborative technology in the classroom. Whether it’s used to increase classroom interactivity or enable experts from around the globe to enrich the curriculum, collaborative technology is becoming more integrated in higher education and K-12 than ever before.

Work it Out

Collaborative learning transforms a traditional lecture into a learning-centered space focused on students. In such an environment the instructor works as a facilitator while students work together to understand content, solve problems and create projects. These practices, which have evolved from the business world, were designed based on the principle that “all of us are smarter than any one of us”. Indeed, studies have shown that interactive small groups yield better results than those derived individually. Collaboration builds trust, communication and acceptance, enhancing problem-solving skills and increasing student retention of the material.

More From Less

The benefits of collaborative technology extend beyond classroom lessons – it helps schools face economic realities. Technology can help institutions get more out of their limited space. It can transform an area from a classroom, to a lecture hall, to a huddle room – all in the same day. The technology can also facilitate distance learning, expanding school revenue beyond the confines of classroom capacity.

Get Schooled

Barco will be showcasing a number of cost-effective collaborative solutions for the education sector at InfoComm 2018. Stop by Booth C2536 to see Barco’s wePresent and weConnect in action. You’ll see how our Virtual Classroom feature easily allows users from anywhere in the world to join a remote classroom session. We’ll also be showing how weConnect can transform a single room to have multiple uses throughout the day – huddle space, classroom, lecture style, or remote classroom. 

You’ll also be able to see how Barco can help instructors manage classroom collaboration. We’ll be showcasing wePresent’s capabilities  that seamlessly allow teachers to preview the connected students’ device from his/her own PC or tablet or control student presentations via a touchscreen or mouse.

Better students, stronger solutions, and increased revenue streams – just some more bright outcomes from Barco.

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