Jun 14, 2018

AED invests in largest European rental fleet of Barco Event Master technology

Rental and staging

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Over the past few years, many Barco solutions have found their way to the rental portfolio of image solution expert AED Display. Just recently, AED expanded its offering of image processors with the latest generation of our E2 units, including the Tri-combo input and output cards. “While competitors offer new products, Barco expands its offering of successful, existing products. That means that we can build on previous investments,” says AED’s Managing Director, Thierry Heldenbergh.

Empowering shows all over Europe
AED Display has been an official distributor of our projection and image processing products since 2011. Since May this year, AED’s European rental fleet has included a new series of Barco E2 screen management systems – the Event Master solution designed for large shows. Customers from all over Europe, and even worldwide, can now rent a large number of these flexible, powerful solutions for screen management during their shows, at the AED Rent branches in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, France and the UK. AED Display also sells the series in the Benelux and Germany.

Expand, not replace
“With this additional investment, AED confirms its position of European market leader in the rental of this type of professional video material,” says Thierry Heldenbergh. He explains why AED keeps coming back to Barco: "While competitors come up with new solutions, Barco chooses to build on its modular platforms and expand its offering. That means that we can keep using the solutions that we purchased earlier, instead of having to start from scratch again.”

The Master Series perfectly illustrate our commitment to modularity and flexibility. Thanks to its flexible, modular, future-proof architecture, we can continually enhance and expand the Event Master platform with new features and new processors. The new Tri-combo video interface cards, for example, add the latest generation of 4K60p video interface standards to the series.

Catering to the customer

“Customer expectations continuously rise, as event organizers want to offer their audiences truly wow experiences. That’s how display canvases get bigger and better, 4K resolution becomes more standard and narrow pitch LED is everywhere. To support that development, AV professionals need processing platforms that are future proof and evolve with the industry standards. We are glad that AED, once again, confirms its trust in the Barco Event Master family – it proves that the series has real market value,” says Wouter Bonte, strategic marketing director at Barco.

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