Jul 16, 2018

Negotiating the new world of work


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Making digital work for your business.

Much has been said about how businesses must adapt to a changing world of work. You need a digital strategy. You must be flexible. An agile workforce is essential. And, you need the digital technology to make it all happen – it’s a lot to consider for a business keen to transform.

While the editorial pieces on the future of business shout about the need for change, many fail to offer advice on where to start or where change needs to happen.

Transforming your business is not something that happens overnight. And not every part may need transforming – some areas may be well-utilized and are working perfectly well.

The key is not to make sweeping changes, but adapt gradually, taking incremental steps towards your digital future. And importantly, to ensure your digital strategy is formed around your most valuable asset – your people.

Henry Ford, the founder of The Ford Motor Company, realized the importance of an employee- centric strategy. While he introduced a constantly moving assembly line, which was seen as a significant industrial innovation, it was his people operating the line that he paid particular attention to – reducing their working hours and upping their pay.

Prioritizing your people is one of the areas that Barco has identified as a key strategic component of change.  As previously mentioned, it’s difficult to know where to start in your transformational journey, so we have looked at simplifying the changing world of work and providing recommendations to help you form a strategy that will support growth - we call them ‘The Four Ws’:

The Four Ws

Workforce – your people
Workstyle – how your people work

Workplace – where your people work
Workspace – the space within the place

We believe that transformation can be activated effectively by reviewing and refreshing these four areas. A strategy of people first, enabled by technology will inspire better communication and collaboration throughout your enterprise – the key to agile working – that will deliver business outcomes and help you remain adaptive to what lies ahead.

And the fact is, you’re not alone. Every business needs to reshape for the future. At Barco, we continue to walk our own transformation path, building an agile workforce and constantly investing in our technology and solutions to help businesses advance through collaboration.

It’s a never-ending cycle as the future doesn’t have a finish line – the world changes and we need to find ways to adapt. Our ‘Tap into Opportunity’ Four Ws guide is just one of the ways we’re helping enterprises address the challenges of their people, places and technology, providing advice on areas such as training, huddle spaces and the work environment that will hopefully ease your path to change.

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