Jul 18, 2018

Overture upgraded security and workflow features now available!

Corporate and lobby

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The Overture team has now released its latest version that was previous announced at Infocomm 2018. The release features Active Directory integrations through ADFS (Active Directory Federation Services) or LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) as well as integration with Microsoft Exchange Room Scheduling and Smart Labels for better organization of variables defining your device—for example labelling a source Display or Projector instead of HDMI1 or HDMI2. These integrations bring a greater experience in organizing your AV control workspace for more efficient workflow as well as providing a higher level of security based on user and user group.   

More efficient A/V workflow

How much do you enjoy having to scroll and guess which source you connected that projector to in the Blue Room as you pass through several unused sources? Imagine if you could label your source so you know exactly the device it is connected to and have all unused sources magically disappear from your interface? Well, the Overture team just made your wish come true!

By creating a smart label system, Overture now let’s you automate multiple rooms simultaneously with one simple command through the templating functionality. With a better labelling system, facility and IT managers can work through a more efficient workflow when monitoring and controlling devices using Overture.

Easy Room Scheduling with Microsoft Exchange

With Overture’s integration into Microsoft Exchange, room scheduling functionality just became a lot simpler. As participants enter a meeting the room is pre-set to the correct state. And, when the meeting ends, the room again adjusts according to the presets. This automation removes the stresses attributed with fumbling through cables and equipment prior to session beginning and allows the participants to focus on the meeting at hand.

Better security

The recent integration with Active Directory through ADFS or LDAP optimizes the management of users and their user groups. Both Overture On Premise and Overture Cloud instances are benefiting from this Enterprise-friendly security upgrade which enables facility and IT managers and their support teams to better allocate users and user groups with the appropriate permissions they require within the meeting rooms.

For more information, visit Overture online: www.store.barco.com/enterprise

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